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About me

I am a Registered Clinical Psychologist with over 10 years of clinical work experience. I hold a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from King’s College London, a PhD in Psychology, and a BSc degree in psychology.

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“Ana is very good at articulating the things you struggle to articulate yourself. I was sceptical of therapy before I saw Ana, but I felt like the whole experience was a constant discovery of things I didn’t fully appreciate about myself. It was like each session I would accept something about myself and dig a layer deeper into my mind and the things that drive my behaviours.”

Joe C., Sales Manager

“I found my sessions with Ana incredibly helpful. She helped me to explore and discuss my thoughts in a safe space, and I felt very much her desire to help by providing logical and compassionate thinking techniques to help bring about change. Her compassionate style made me feel secure and part of a team, which helped when I would practise techniques we had discussed in our sessions together. I would highly recommend Ana as a therapist to anyone who is experiencing difficulties in navigating their lives or current situation they find themselves in. Thank you Ana.”

Sarah, Events Manager

How I can help you

– Low mood and depression
– Perinatal depression (pre and post-natal depression)
Anxiety disorders
– Communication issues
– Low self-esteem/ low self-confidence
– Relationship issues
– Stress and burnout
– Psychological trauma
– Grief and bereavement
– Disordered eating
– Life transitions

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