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About me

I am a Registered Clinical Psychologist with over 8 years of clinical work experience. I hold a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from King’s College London, a PhD in Psychology, and a BSc degree in psychology.

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“Ana is very good at articulating the things you struggle to articulate yourself. I was sceptical of therapy before I saw Ana, but I felt like the whole experience was a constant discovery of things I didn’t fully appreciate about myself. It was like each session I would accept something about myself and dig a layer deeper into my mind and the things that drive my behaviours.”

Joe C., Sales Manager

How I can help you

– Low mood and depression
– Perinatal depression (pre and post-natal depression)
Anxiety disorders
– Communication issues
– Low self-esteem/ low self-confidence
– Relationship issues
– Stress and burnout
– Psychological trauma
– Grief and bereavement
– Disordered eating
– Life transitions

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